We build software that transforms businesses of today into businesses of tomorrow the future.

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We are a Kenya based team of ambitious problem solvers who are passionate about software.

Company Bio

We are an agile team of passionate software developers focused on building web based business software and digital products.

Our company was founded in 2014 in Nairobi, Kenya, and has since worked with clients in East Africa, UK and Europe to deliver practical and effective software solutions in a variety of sectors.

Our Mission

To master the craft of software development and use software to solve day to day problems, transforming businesses as we know them today.

Our Vision

To be a leading software development agency that inspires the Kenyan tech community and spearheads the growth of a mature technology ecosystem in the region, earning esteem from the world at large.


We provide world class software engineering for sustainable and scalable software.

Full Stack Web Development

With extensive experience in developing and deploying end to end web applications, we develop robust, performant and secure web applications quickly.

Business Solutions

We can help you enhance your business processes and multiply your productivity using bespoke software solutions.

Product Discovery

We can work with you to flesh out your idea into a robust digital product, and provide you with all the technical assistance you require to bring it to life.

Data analytics and Visualisation

We help businesses make sense of large amounts of data uncovering hidden insights and increasing business impact.

  • 150,000+

    Lines of code deployed into production.

  • 4+

    Years of experience developing software solutions.

Technology Stack

These are the tools we've used over the years to deliver quality software *.


  Ruby On Rails




  Other SQL based


  Codeship CI



* Not on the list? There's still a good chance that we've worked with it before.

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Case Study

Simplifying event management.

Oil and Energy Services is an energy consultancy based in Nairobi, Kenya that regularly organises trainings and conferences. This was tedious for their company, and the existing software solutions were aimed at foreign markets and lacked local context.

We collaborated with Oil and Energy Services to build the simple, contextual and flexible event management solution that they wish they had.

We tiresomely organised events for several years. We knew there could be a better way; we envisioned an easier way to manage events for us, and for other companies like ours.

Oil and Energy Services Team

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Our Team

The people who make it happen.

Martin Mwendia
Co-Founder, Lead Consultant

Brian Bosire
Co-Founder, Operations Manager

Philip Maina
Full Stack Software Engineer

Paul Chege
Full Stack Software Engineer

Andrew Owino
Full Stack Software Engineer

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