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We are a Kenya based team of ambitious problem solvers who are passionate about software.


Our company was founded in 2014 in Nairobi, Kenya, and has since worked with clients in East Africa, UK and Europe to deliver practical and effective web and mobile applications in a variety of sectors.


To master the craft of software development and use software to solve day to day problems, transforming businesses as we know them today.


To be a leading software development agency that inspires the Kenyan tech community and spearheads the growth of a mature technology ecosystem in the region, earning esteem from the world at large.

Our Services

5 years experience in shipping world class applications.

Full Stack Web Development

Our team has extensive experience in successfully building, deploying, and operating complex web applications. We have a deep understanding of what it takes to successfully deliver web apps and work closely with our clients to help them make their projects a success

Mobile Application Development

With the increasingly widespread use of smartphones, mobile apps are now a primary means through which businesses can reach and provide value to their audience. We help our clients bridge the gap with convenient and intuitive mobile applications for both Android and iOS.

Product Discovery

Through our product discovery workshops, we help entrepreneurs and innovators go from only having an idea to having a detailed roadmap for their product or platform, including a clear scope and timeline for an MVP, a clickable wireframe prototype, as well as a longer term digital strategy for their app.

Data Analysis and Visualisation

We are generating more data today than ever before, and it is becoming increasingly important for modern businesses to use this data to drive their decisions in order to keep up. We have specific expertise in building interactive, web based data dashboards to help uncover hidden insights in large amounts of data.

For Entrepreneurs

People with great ideas for digital products need an equally experienced team to bring their ideas to life. We help innovators by:

  • Working with them to develop a strategy for their digital product idea from scratch to launching an MVP.
  • Providing quality software engineering to develop the product and all the technical assistance needed to bring the product to market.
  • Being a long-term development partner for the continued growth of the platform as well as taking care of hosting, monitoring and maintenance of production applications.

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For SMEs and Organisations

We work with SMEs and organisations to develop solutions to maximise their productivity and profitability. We help them by:

  • Working with them to define clear goals and outcomes of IT projects, as well as develop a clear, achievable scope.
  • Providing quality software engineering to build a robust system. Our agile process incorporates quick and regular feedback to always remain on the right track in the development of the system.
  • Being a long-term development partner to help achieve their current and future IT ambitions.

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Disrupting Equipment Rentals

We helped Tinga Online Limited revolutionalize equipment rentals through an innovative web and mobile application.

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Simplifying Event Management

We collaborated with Oil and Energy Services to build the simple, contextual and flexible event management solution that they wish they had.

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Connecting Technical Professionals

We helped Oil and Energy Services collect and visualise data about technical professionals in Kenya through an interactive, web based dashboard.

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Providing Modern Hospitality

We helped Loswani County Hotels establish an online presence for their restaurant with a sleek modern website.

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Our Team

The people who make it happen.

Martin Nyaga

Co-Founder, Lead Consultant

Brian Bosire

Co-Founder, Operations Manager

Philip Maina

Full Stack Software Engineer

Let's build something great together.